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Dec 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
"coloring book. these trees are california grown. she had recently moved here from the other side of the country. you can see that people are coming to light candles. they're coming to lay flowers. they are also coming most poignantly with teddy bears. every tree has a group of soft toys for the departed child. this really is a most agonizing week. two funerals took place together. there are many more to come. >> laura, i saw earlier a crossed that had come all the way from rwanda. it was sent to this school in connecticut for the memorial. as you have seen here over the last few days, do you have a sense that the town has almost gone from a state of shock into a real grief and anger? >> this is the stage that everyone he last had anything to do with this tragedy will tell you this is one the great turns to anger. particularly in a case like this or they're so difficult to find any rational reason for what happens. the sense i also get is that people will tell you they do not want to be defined by what has happened here. in the and they want their strength and their love for their children, they
Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
, lightning flashing inside like a giant christmas ornaments. a snowstorm all the way from california. it is triggering these explosions in the midtown area. lit only by the lights of police cruisers. thousands are without power. over a quarter of a million people are without power. >> we have had some moderate injuries. there have been no deaths reported. judging from some of the damage today, it is a miracle. >> residents to pick through the debris as rescue workers check for those trapped in the rubble. picking up cars and ripping through a high school. >> has predicted, the storm is on the move. these are the latest pictures from indiana. dangerous conditions are leaving many struggling to get around. snow was expected to fall on wednesday. residents are also dealing with freezing temperatures. france has sent troops to the central african republic to protect its embassy after protests outside of the compound. they accuse the former colonial power failing to stop the rebel advance. they threw stones and tore down a flight at the embassy. our west africa correspondent is following
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
dark thirty." the film gets its california premiere tonight. >> it dramatizes the nighttime raid on a osama bin laden compound last year. it shows what led up to it, the decade long manhunt. there was one female cia officer who tracked down osama bin laden. >> women were pivotal to this kind. women and men. when at the center of this kind. that -- women at the center of this hunt. that was extremely surprising. they have their analysts, and they are in important positions. >> how truthful is your account? i know it is a feature film and not a documentary. are the basic outlines true? >> everything that happens on the screen is representative of firsthand accounts. >> it always had the potential to wimbledon president obama is image as a commanding leader -- embolden president obama's image as a commanding leader. the filmmakers have denied this. it is a film that will help the president. >> i think it does a lot for obama because what it does, it shows that obama has a cool, compost, meticulous commitment to achieve something the democratic presidents are never relied upon to ach
Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
an impression around the globe. shankar died in california at the age of 92. his daughter norridge jones said he will be missed by music level -- nora jones said he will be missed by music lovers everywhere. >> it was not just music. it was a path to spiritual enlightenment. he started as an indian classical dancer and spent seven years learning the sitar. his fame quickly spread. it was george harrison who sought him out as part of his own spiritual quest which made him truly famous in the west. >> he is the only person who did not try to impress me. it was by his being he taught me so much without actually saying a word. it is by example. >> he has become one of the dearest people in my life, and i love him like my son, but we are at the same time great friends. >> george's sit are playing made its way into the beatles' own music. -- sitar playing made its way into the beatles' own music. shankar played at george harrison's concert for bangladesh in new york. he preferred to keep his distance. >> i could have made billions by now, but i never thought of that. i wanted to keep the sanctity of m
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4